Travel, sex, secret, and biking in a Indian state

Travel, sex, secret, and biking in a Indian state

About 14, 2008 october

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A woman’s stories of cycling and living in Goa, Asia

A mysterious stranger finally persuaded me to “Come to Goa. after years of exchanging letters” I flew to Asia in 2008, remained inside the home in Goa for half a year, and published a lot more than 60 tales of travel, miracle, biking, and family members origins…

Rodrigues family members in London, before going to Canada (L-R) Ursula, Ulrike, Leo, Jurgen, and Leo’s sibling Alan Rodrigues.

About me

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I am Ulrike Bemvinda Rodrigues and I also joke that I’m an average Canadian—my mom is from Austria, my dad is just a Goan whose family emigrated from Portuguese-occupied India to British-occupied Burma (now Myanmar). They married and met in England, I happened to be created in Germany, and now we relocated to Canada whenever I was six.

Bemvinda is my center title, my grandmother’s name and a means of saying “welcome” in Portuguese. I did son’t understand that once I browse the word “bemvindo” near the top of a menu a couple of years it meant “all you are able to eat” or “dinner special. ago— we thought”

Until only a few years back, we additionally didn’t realize that Goa—the place my father’s household comes from—was a Portuguese state in Asia until 1961. It never ever t k place if you ask me that my final title, Rodrigues, is not a conventional Indian title. Or that being raised Roman Catholic is not a conventional religion that is indian. Continue reading “Travel, sex, secret, and biking in a Indian state”