Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

Being young and HIV positive

• because you’re becoming an adult doesn’t mean that you’re meant to ‘know it all’ as you get older, you’ll probably want to manage your own health, care and treatment but just.

• Remember, it is your option as to whenever, where and exactly how you tell individuals regarding your HIV status.

• you could reap the benefits of joining a regional help team of other young adults living with HIV to talk about your feelings and experiences.

• Living with HIV shouldn’t stop you against having satisfying relationships and a healthier sex life whenever you’re prepared.

Whether you’ve only recently learned you have got HIV or perhaps you’ve developed knowing you’ve got HIV, being a new individual coping with HIV are specially hard.

Your teenage years are a definite right time of good modification – your system develops during puberty, also it’s usually very psychological. It can be a rigorous and exciting time, but additionally it could feel tough to deal with every thing.

Maybe you are completing school and using exams, and you’re probably thinking regarding the future. This really is additionally a period whenever many individuals have actually their relationships that are first.

Taking more obligation on your own wellness

It’s likely that one of your parents or a guardian has helped you to take your treatment at the same time each day whether you were born with HIV and diagnosed at a young age, or diagnosed more recently, perhaps in your early teens.

While you get older, you’ll probably desire to handle your own health, care and therapy. And finally, your medical is going to be used in a grown-up clinic, and also this can feel just like a huge change.

Simply because you’re becoming a grown-up does not imply that you’re supposed to ‘know it all’. Continue reading “Global information and education on HIV and AIDS”