Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Just A Little Father-Daughter Chat

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Just A Little Father-Daughter Chat

Cristal may not be really miss this world.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 offered us our very first big hint at who may be into the coffin in the flash-forwards, however it had been managed in this low-key way it’s difficult to still find it that clean cut.

If you watch Dynasty on line, you realize Cristal has mainly been away from Blake therefore the group of late, but we’re starting to understand just why.

Hiding a japanese mobile chat room mystical disease from people who love her will likely get back to bite her, but what could actually be going on with her?

I appreciate the article writers for acknowledging that Cristal exists because her arc through the entire early episodes of Dynasty Season 4 has shown to be meandering, to say the least.

Cristal has even been opening right back up to the chance of getting back as well as Blake, and that could hint she actually is hiding a more serious illness than we’re being led to believe.

We know Anders typically tells Blake everything, but there is a good chance he’ll do a little digging before looking at his former employer

Cristal maybe not confiding in Blake could suggest she’s concerned about the diagnosis that is potential. Alas, we’ll need to stay tuned to find out just how this shakes out, but ideally, we get some clarity on the episodes that are coming.

Liam: Isn’t that unlawful?Fallon: I don’t understand, but he should really be arrested. Liam: I designed you employee that is reading. Fallon: Oh, Liam, it’s 2021, you shouldn’t be therefore naive.

These are Blake, he caused it to be with an episode without smashing up a mobile phone, in order that has got become some achievement.

The writing for Blake has been all around us, but it hit a brand new degree of stupid like he couldn’t do anything for himself with him firing 29 of Fallon’s employees and acting. Continue reading “Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Just A Little Father-Daughter Chat”